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The demand for autonomous vehicles (AV) has been increasing throughout the recent years and every year we see new vehicle- and  mission-types arising. While the field of Single-AV-Missions is constantly growing, the concept of Multi-AV-Missions (Swarms) was limited to very specialized, swarm-ready AVs.

SwarmOS overcomes this limitation! It is the entrance to the new field of Multi-Vehicle-Operations, in a very easy, safe and comfortable way. Allowing your organization to go from Single-AV-Missions to Multiple-AV-Missions instantly.

SwarmOS operates your vehicles. The operators console is showing all your vehicle telemetry data in real time. And safety is taken care of by SwarmOS. You can configure all physics of your Vehicle, so SwarmOS will only allow operation with the given parameters. SwarmOS has an Auto-Operator Mode. Landing your UAVs once battery voltage becomes low and many more auto-settings are available.

The Software runs on a Groundstation (Ground Control) and on a little Hardware – the SwarmIMPLANTs, which are mounted and connected via MAVLink to your vehicles, onboard.
The entire communication between SwarmOS and your vehicle is established via the SwarmIMPLANTs and no further intelligence or communication link is required.
At the same time you can use your already existing link for communication with your payload (e.q. video-link etc.)


Indoor (a variety of tracking systems is supported)
Outdoor (a GPS receiver – or equivalent – for each of your vehicles is required)