SPAXELS® Language

The beauty of Spaxels lies in their abstraction. They can be used to represent anything: a raindrop, a firefly, a faraway star. A swarm of Spaxels is even more versatile, capable of becoming an almost infinite variety of objects, moving or still. This is key, because it means that Spaxels can hide what they really are – drones. (Eva Xiao)


We at Ars Electronica SPAXELS® understand drones as vehicles to do stunning light art in the night sky. We have redefined drones not only as an aesthetic experience, but an emotional one as well.


The idea of the Spaxels is to conjure up an enchanting display in the night sky, one that’s as large and seamless as possible. The concept behind it is that of a dynamic display, that fills an entire space, and pixels can be positioned anywhere on it and turned on and off. Spaxels can form all sorts of three-dimensional shapes and symbols, in the long run maybe even almost like a hologram.


We’re capable of conjuring up a visual composition in the heavens with this drone swarm. One configuration can freely morph into another one; we can achieve fluid transitions that remain synchronized to the music. In principle, we compose a sort of light symphony in the evening sky.