Linz 2015 / Eurovision Song Contest

MAY. 2015

“The Center’s SPAXELS® installation stole the show at Eurovision with only 30 seconds of airtime.” – Wired Magazine.

The SPAXELS® were part of a video “postcard” during the final TV show of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, aired on May 23, 2015 to over 195 million viewers. Gebhardt Productions GmbH, a film production company headquartered in Mödling near Vienna, got the nod with their concept of cinematic bridge-building, an allusion to “Building Bridges,” the theme of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. In each short film, a surprise package is delivered to every participating artist: an invitation to immerse themselves in an extraordinary event in Austria. To shoot their Postcard, Electro Velvet, Great Britain’s representative at the Song Contest in 2015, went on an excursion to Linz, where the duo encountered the blinking SPAXELS® of the Ars Electronica Futurelab.

For further information on this show, please visit the report on Ars Electronica’s blog.