DRONE 100 – SPAXELS® over Linz


“DRONE 100 – SPAXELS® over Linz” was the title of a spectacular quadcopter swarm performance that Ars Electronica and Intel staged on September 10th, 2016. 100 LED-studded Spaxels put on a truly amazing display of aerial artistry above the Danube as the lead-in to this year’s Visualisierte Klangwolke extravaganza, “River of Knowledge.” The performance was synchronized to music created by Linz sound artist and composer Sam Auinger.

Following their world-record-setting flight in Tornesch near Hamburg in late 2015, the 100-drone swarm has performed before a live audience only once. As the highlight of the Vivid Sydney Festival in June 2016, the quadcopters put on a show above the Australian metropolis’ harbor immediately adjacent to the world-famous Opera House. Thus, “DRONE 100 – SPAXELS® over Linz” was the formation’s European premiere. More than 100.000 spectators saw an awesome performance over the river Danube in Linz, Austria.